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Your daily dose of gut goodness.

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A powerful combination of gut goodness, containing 30 billion probiotics in every shot.

probiotics = live cultures

Your daily dose of culture

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The Mission & Vision

The Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help people truly understand the importance of gut health and how this can change their lives and transform the way they feel.

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Probiotic goodness for your gut

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Live Cultured Gut Goodness. Handmade In Matakana, NZ

Goodness for your gut

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Great gut health starts with a balanced, happy and healthy microbiome. Beneficial live cultures, also known as probiotics are what fill your tummy to create a robust well functioning gut and immune system. Some businesses pasteurise their ferments for extra long shelf life, unfortunately this kills all the beneficial live cultures. Here at Wild Delicious we not only wild ferment, we also keep our krauts, shots and kefirs raw and live cultured for optimum health benefits and the best flavour. Wildly ferments are full of gut balancing, immune boosting gut goodness. Great for tummies of all sizes and ages. 

Here at Wildly we believe in creating brews of the highest quality, in terms of flavour, mouth feel and health benefits. To create the best possible product that we can, we brew our kefir and gut shots in small batches so they are fresher, full of beneficial probiotics at their peak and have the most incredible flavour. We can only do this with extreme attention to detail at every stage of the brewing process. Every step is done by hand, from putting the batches on to the bottling and everything in-between, to bring you the best tasting health boosting elixirs. Cheers to that Wildly small batch brewed Gut Goodness. 

In our humble opinion and according to the lab data Wild fermentation creates the best kinds of ferments! So what is wild fermentation and why is it different to any other kind of fermentation you might ask? Here at Wildly we always aim to create the best possible tasting ferments with the most amount of health benefits and to achieve this you need a few things. First you need to wild ferment, which means not adding industrial lab cultures which are often GMO strains of cultures. Wild fermentation is when you use seasonal fresh local produce that has been grown in mineral rich soils full of healthy soil microbes. These incredible naturally occurring microbes aka probiotics are present on the skin of all great fresh produce, all you have to do is give them the right kind of fermenting environment and they proliferate and grow to ferment your batch of kraut so perfectly and beautifully. Wild fermenting gives you the widest range of probiotics and it also gives you the best tasting ferments. Industrial lab cultures will give you consistent results all year around but mono flavours and less strains of probiotics. Next you need to keep your ferments unpasteurised, some companies, pasteurise their kraut for shelf stability, but here at Wildly we keep ours raw, living and full of the best tasting gut goodness, they just need to be kept chilled. 

Your Daily Dose of Culture

Your Daily Dose of Culture

(as in cultures aka probiotics = live cultures) 

Made In Matakana, NZ

Made In Matakana, NZ

Proudly Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand.

Small Batch Brewed

Small Batch Brewed

All Wildly products are hand made, not machine made, they're made in small batches for the highest quality.