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Water Kefir, Raspberry Lemon Ginger

by Wildly

Regular price$25.60 Sale price$32.00

Water Kefir, Raspberry Lemon Ginger

by Wildly

Regular price$25.60 Sale price$32.00
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Sparkling Probiotic, Water Kefir, Raspberry, Ginger & Lemon

Wild Delicious Water kefir is a brewed, naturally sparkling drink for any time of the day.

Our water kefir is live cultured with 87 billion probiotics in every 100ml.

Your start to a Wild Delicious Life.

Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand.

Serving suggestion:

Drink me straight or for a grown up cocktail pour me over ice, add a nip of your favourite spirit with a slice of lemon.

Naturally dairy free. Plant based.

Ingredients: Artesian alkaline water, raspberry flavour (whole raspberries, alkaline water), cold pressed ginger, fresh lemon, dried figs, dried dates, sugar, molasses, water kefir culture.




Shelf Life / Storage Information:

Wild Delicious Water Kefir is a live cultured, highly probiotic drink and is best to drink fresh. They need to be kept in the fridge.

Our water kefir currently has a 6 week shelf life, it can reach you with 2-4 week shelf life.

It is still perfectly ok to drink after its BB date for another few weeks, it can just get a little fizzy and become drier and less sweet over time.

It doesn’t matter if it's opened or unopened as the water kefir inside the bottle is alive with probiotics, it will carry on fermenting whether you open the lid or not.

If you require a best before date on the longer side, please leave us a note in the comments section when ordering.

Key benefits

Extremely high in beneficial probiotics, our water kefir contains 87 billion cfu’s per 100ml ( cfu = colony forming units. Its how they measure probiotics and live cultures) 

Our water kefir could be taken in place of a broad spectrum probiotic.

Our gut shots contain prebiotics and probiotics for great gut health. 

Water kefir is hydrating, amazing for balancing the microbiome and boosting overall immunity.

Naturally sparkling like champagne (as opposed to force carbonated) We use only real ingredients to flavour our water kefir no “flavours” no fake “natural flavours” real ingredients only.

Our water kefir can be enjoyed as an alcohol alternative or enjoyed as a mixer with your favourite tipple.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Lorraine Knott
Wildly lovely

I love the products I bought BUT the package arrived with the freezer pack broken and it had leaked through the bottom of the box. Luckily the box was still in tack. Not your fault of course - possibly courier. Also I have arthritis in my fingers and I couldn’t open the bottles of Probiotic shots lids. I had to get a neighbor to open them. I still have the turmeric bottle still to be opened. I really do love your products and will be ordering the Kraute again. Keep up the good work. Cheers. Lorraine KNOTT.

Judy Chisnall

Nearly finished my first jar of Kimchi and love it! Will be purchasing more.

L Bell
Starter Pack

Loving your products. Seems to have settled my gut issues within 3 days.

Wild Lemon pepper kimchi

Its great..not too tart. Great with avocado. Delivery was prompt too.

Trish Hamilton

First time buyer and I love your kraft.. ready to order again and will try the 4 pack with all the different flavours..thanks

Your Daily Dose of Culture

Your Daily Dose of Culture

(as in cultures aka probiotics = live cultures) 

Made In Matakana, NZ

Made In Matakana, NZ

Proudly Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand.

Small Batch Brewed

Small Batch Brewed

All Wildly products are hand made, not machine made, they're made in small batches for the highest quality.