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Probiotic & Prebiotic Cocktail Pack

by Wildly

Regular price$50.00 Sale price$55.00

Probiotic & Prebiotic Cocktail Pack

by Wildly

Regular price$50.00 Sale price$55.00
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Mixed Cocktail Packs

Perfect for creating, highly probiotic and prebiotic, naturally sparkling cocktails containing billions of probiotics.

Enjoy a mixed pack of either;

1 x Botanical Shrub Strawberry and Hibiscus + 2 x 750ml Raspberry Lemon Ginger Water Kefir 

1 x Botanical Shrub Grapefruit and Ginger + 2 x 750ml Peppermint Lime and Kawakawa Water Kefir 




Key benefits

Extremely high in beneficial probiotics, our water kefir contains 87 billion cfu’s per 100ml ( cfu = colony forming units. Its how they measure probiotics and live cultures) 

Our water kefir could be taken in place of a broad spectrum probiotic.

Our gut shots contain prebiotics and probiotics for great gut health. 

Water kefir is hydrating, amazing for balancing the microbiome and boosting overall immunity.

Naturally sparkling like champagne (as opposed to force carbonated) We use only real ingredients to flavour our water kefir no “flavours” no fake “natural flavours” real ingredients only.

Our water kefir can be enjoyed as an alcohol alternative or enjoyed as a mixer with your favourite tipple.

Our shrubs use 12 month barrel aged organic raw apple cider vinegar. 

Wildly Botanical shrub syrups contain live cultures, prebiotics and probiotics, they are also raw, unpasteurised and every bottle contains the mother. 

Apple cider vinegar contains prebiotics from the fermented apples. Those prebiotics contain pectin, an essential for good digestion, which helps foster the growth of probiotics in the gut.

Wildly shrubs make amazing cocktails with lots of flavour and amazing health benefits.

Our shrubs make excellent salad dressings, due to the base of super smooth barrel aged apple cider vinegar, there are salad dressing measurements on each bottle. 

They also make great additions to marinades as the vinegar has a tenderising effect due to the naturally occurring acetic acid. 

A little goes a long way. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

Love it

Starter pack

Amazing products love them bought a starter pack havnt been disappointed. 2nd order. Wonderful kimchi and saucraut here I come

Nerissa Cameron
Great flavours

Really enjoying the kefir water has such great flavours even my husband drinks it !

Kirsten Wyllie

The best kraut I've every tried. Bought the four pack and nearly finished the lemon tumeric kraut - can't wait to try the others! Kirsten

Vanessa Glover-van Paridon
Fabulous cultures

Absolutely amazing flavours in the 4 pack I ordered. Great communication, fast delivery!

Your Daily Dose of Culture

Your Daily Dose of Culture

(as in cultures aka probiotics = live cultures) 

Made In Matakana, NZ

Made In Matakana, NZ

Proudly Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand.

Small Batch Brewed

Small Batch Brewed

All Wildly products are hand made, not machine made, they're made in small batches for the highest quality.