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Mixed Kimchi & Kraut Pack (3 Pack)

by Wildly

Regular price$41.50 Sale price$45.00

Mixed Kimchi & Kraut Pack (3 Pack)

by Wildly

Regular price$41.50 Sale price$45.00

*Temporarily adjusted to a 3 pack due to our Pickle Kraut selling out.

Mixed Kimchi & Kraut Pack (3 Pack)

1 x Kimchi, Original

1 x Kraut, Turmeric & Lemon

1 x Kraut, Fennel & Juniper Berry



Key benefits

Our gut shots contain prebiotics and probiotics for great gut health. 

There are more probiotics in a spoonful of live cultured wild fermented kraut / Kimchi than there is in a whole bottle of probiotic pills. 

Our krauts and kimchi are wild fermented for optimum flavour and nutrition. 

There are 3 ways to create fermented krauts and kimchi and they are as follows….

1: Ferment then pasteurise for a shelf stable product. This gives ok flavour but a soft texture and zero health benefits. 

2: Ferment with industrial lab cultures then keep raw. This creates a lovely crunchy texture and some live cultures but not too many strains and a narrow flavour profile. 

3: Wild ferment with only the already present naturally occurring soil microbes and then keep raw and live cultured no pasteurisation. This is what we do and it gives the most varieties of probiotics by a long shot, the best complex flavours and a delightfully crunchy texture. Wild fermented = The best of all worlds, flavour, texture and health benefits. 

Another great benefit of eating our wild fermented krauts and Kimchi is you also get the prebiotics. 

Prebiotics are the indigestible fibres in the veggies that the probiotics eat. Giving the good microbes the foods they like to eat such as the prebiotics in the veggies, helps the beneficial probiotics to stay in your gut and colonise your microbiome for optimum health and a balanced happy gut. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews

Love it

Starter pack

Amazing products love them bought a starter pack havnt been disappointed. 2nd order. Wonderful kimchi and saucraut here I come

Nerissa Cameron
Great flavours

Really enjoying the kefir water has such great flavours even my husband drinks it !

Kirsten Wyllie

The best kraut I've every tried. Bought the four pack and nearly finished the lemon tumeric kraut - can't wait to try the others! Kirsten

Vanessa Glover-van Paridon
Fabulous cultures

Absolutely amazing flavours in the 4 pack I ordered. Great communication, fast delivery!

Your Daily Dose of Culture

Your Daily Dose of Culture

(as in cultures aka probiotics = live cultures) 

Made In Matakana, NZ

Made In Matakana, NZ

Proudly Hand crafted on the Matakana Coast, New Zealand.

Small Batch Brewed

Small Batch Brewed

All Wildly products are hand made, not machine made, they're made in small batches for the highest quality.